I help small charities and businesses with their IT needs.

My mission is to make IT work in a way that’s right for an organisation’s particular situation.

IT solutions don’t have to be complicated. I like debunking myths about technology and helping people to be comfortable with the programmes and equipment they use.


I like technical challenges and will do my damndest to make each project work.

I have a wide knowledge of IT – from databases, to websites, to networks.

A list can be found here.

Ways I Can Help

I can troubleshoot your IT system and find out what problems your staff are having, and develop solutions so that you can focus on your work.

I can manage your database by migrating data, by training staff, and optimizing your systems.

I can look at your IT system and make recommendations that help you to have a more efficient and appropriate IT set up.


I'm proud of the testimonials past clients have given me and these are available here.

A list of my current and past customers is available here.